COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic

COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic

lrc foundation supports covid19 eradication

The coronavirus causing the respiratory disease known as Covid-19 is spreading globally.Through these challenging times, LRC taking precautions to ensure the safety of staff and the people we serve.

Our team is working from home save for a few essential workers. To
ensure reduced morbidity and mortality linked to Covid-19, below is a guideline for good practices.

Social distancing
Avoid crowded places and implement activities only when you can make certain you are not contributing to spreading the virus. Minimize activities in the public to avoid contracting Covid-19. Follow government’s regulations on curfews and stay at home.

Always wear a facemask when going out in public areas and dispose properly after use. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and follow instructions set for operations in public places. Sanitize your work areas, gadgets etc. to reduce spread and when coughing or sneezing; cover your mouth with your arms.

In case of symptoms, reach out to relevant government officials for evacuation and treatment.

Report any cases to Ministry of Health hotline numbers:


Standard Operating Procedure.
We have developed a standard operating procedure for Covid-19 at workplace to guide essential workers for their safety.


Protect yourself and your loved ones, stay safe!