Our Partners

Eclectics International, Maastricht School of Management, and Faraja Trust contribute in various ways to improving the foundation’s ability to effectively carry out its mission and attract the right partners.

Eclectics International brings a wide network of partners to the Foundation, which travels through Africa. It has extensive expertise in financial services and technology and provides the necessary technical guidance and business intelligence to the foundation.

MSM has in-depth expertise in entrepreneurship, management and leadership training and in research. It will contribute by providing contacts and knowledge for business development and fundraising for sustainable local development solutions.

Faraja Trust is the founder of LRC and is a donor. They support the LRC Foundation on vocational training and on value chain projects that benefit the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) producers and consumers.

electis international

Ecletics International Limited is a Kenyan based and owned organization operating in 23 African countries providing financial solutions to support banks, micro finance institutions, Sacco’s/cooperatives and other clients.

The company has been operating for over 10 years and enables financial institutions increase their efficiency and effectiveness by developing , deploying and supporting their own custom-made solutions.

The Maastricht School of Management (MSM) emerged from the Research Institute for Management that was founded in 1952 in Delft. Today, it is an International University based in Maastricht that focuses on postgraduate management.

MSM provides education an d advocacy for ethical management, inspiring leadership, innovative entrepreneurship and effective public policy, building on the school’s unique history in collaboration with institutions in emerging economies for global public management.

Faraja Trust is a charitable, non-governmental organization established in 1999 in Nairobi. It was founded by a Swiss Benedictine Missionary, Peter Meienberg who throughout his life has helped the poor and needy people in East Africa.

The Trust was composed of Faraja Foundation and Latia Resource Center to serve the poor and needy.

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