Skills Development Agenda

Skills Development Agenda

Skills Development Agenda Projects.

Agriculture Apprenticeship Project

LRC pioneered Agriculture Apprenticeship in Kenya in 2008. The project introduced a new approach in agriculture training where the apprentices split their days between 30% classroom instruction and 70% on-the-job training at a real farm. This training approach is very different from the way agriculture is currently taught in Africa as it targets to teach more than skills and its goal is to produce competent workers who can solve problems.

Apprentices graduating from the project are skilled, thoughtful, self-reliant employees who can improvise when things go wrong or when they see an opportunity to improve an existing system. Apprenticeship project is designed to reach self-employed small scale farmers, graduates with no hands on technical skills and vulnerable individual aspiring to learn agribusiness. The apprenticeship project is a competence based education training and approved by Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority in Kenya.

The apprenticeship project has trained over 500 farm managers and 5,000 commercial farmers since inception.

Trained over 500 farm managers
Trained over 5,000 commercial farmers

NICHE Project. Institutional Capacity Building.

As we work with ATVET institutions across Africa, we also endeavor to develop their capacity to delivery training and develop network of strong and well-equipped ATVET Colleges that offers different types of innovative ATVET and extension services.

NICHE project was involved in institutional capacity development of implementing partner organizations. It was funded by the Dutch Organization for Internationalization in Education (NUFFIC) and its goal is to strengthen Latia’s capacity to provide training and business support services in a sustainable way.

The project is engaged in assisting growing implementing partners strengthen their systems, procedures, human resources and structures for quality programs.

BMZ Skill Up !

Strengthening Skills Development, creating Future Perspectives.
LRC Foundation has partnered with Welthungerhilfe to offer the ‘’Skill Up!’’ training program to create prospects for young people in the agriculture sector. The project facilitates agribusiness and horticulture training at Latia Agribusiness Institute.